Curriculum Vitae & Publications

B.A. Psychology – New College of California, 1999

M.A. Clinical Psychology – The Wright Institute, 2001

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology – The Wright Institute, 2005

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in San Francisco.  I provide treatment for adolescents, adults, and couples, as well as clinical consultation and training for mental and medical health professionals and agencies. I am also Adjunct Faculty with the Wright Institute Counseling Psychology M.A. Program.

From February 2022 through July 2022 I have been the Interim co- Educational Director for SimplePractice Learning. During this time I focused on the development and delivery of educational content and ongoing approval as a Behavioral Health Continuing Education provider. This includes educational content development, from instructor recruiting of behavioral health professionals through course production and publication.

I am currently an Advanced Candidate in Analytic Training at The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.

Prior Professional Experience

I’ve worked in a variety of settings, including providing treatment to male perpetrators of intimate partner abuse; clinical assessments for children in foster care; and developing and researching interventions to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for people who struggle with alcohol and substance related problems.

From 2002-2010 I worked at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute with the Mind-Body Medicine Research Group investigating the role of mindfulness stress reduction in relapse prevention.  In 2008 I began working with the Addiction & Pharmacology Research Laboratory on clinical trials of potential psychotherapeutic interventions and pharmacotherapies for methamphetamine and cocaine dependence; during this time I also worked as Training Director for New Leaf Treatment Center, Lafayette CA.  

As a Consultant Psychologist with the Alcohol Research Group of the Public Health Institute I have worked on a number of federally funded research projects providing training and supervision in Motivational Interviewing to Research Therapists.   Research projects have included examining the efficacy of Intensive Motivational Interviewing for women with alcohol problems and the application of a hybrid Motivational Interviewing - Intensive Case Management intervention to reduce HIV risk among men with a history of incarceration living in sober housing environments.


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